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Autoglym Super Resin Polish

Removing light scratches, stains and scuffs from paintwork is often a labourious task and difficult to get right. Autoglym Super Resin Polish is the ultimate combination cleaner, polish and sealant, and is the perfect choice for spiderweb scratch repair to

Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing

Although only a minor detail, dressing your tyres will dramatically enhance the overall appearance of your car by transforming old rubber to look brand new again. Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing is a quick and easy-to-use tyre dressing that can be

Autoglym Hi-Tech Flexi Water Blade

There are many horror stories of car owners using water blades on their car, only to discover the unsightly scratches it has left behind.  Therefore, it is not uncommon for car owners to feel apprehensive about using a water blade

Quick car care solutions from Autoglym – Aqua Wax Kit

The Autoglym Aqua Wax Kit is the ultimate quick car care solution and an essential tool for your car care kit.  It is a sprayable wax containing real carnauba, and is designed as a quick top-up to give further shine

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Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner Kit, only at Supercheap Auto

To keep your car looking like new, it’s important to pay attention to the wheels. Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner Complete Kit is exclusive to Supercheap Auto customers, and is the perfect addition to your car [...]

Getting Started

How to wash and wax your car in 30 minutes

Having a routine makes cleaning your car quicker and easier. By following these simple steps, we show how it’s possible to clean your car in less than 30 minutes.   First up grab your bottle [...]


How to remove insects from your paint

Nothing is uglier than a car covered in dead insects. And Decaying insects can actually stain your paintwork. Autoglym Active Insect Remover is sprayed on in the form of a rich concentrated foam which clings [...]

Pro Tips- Going the extra mile

How to remove residue from your windows

Car Glass Polish is Autoglym’s most powerful glass cleaner. This deep cleaning cream safely removes road grime, insects remains, tree sap, oil, grease and bird droppings from glass without marking or scratching. The polish can [...]